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How Instagram is helping Mo’Cheddah revive her career

Pop singer Mo’Cheddah, 25, first appeared on our TV screens as a teenage girl who had a lot of swag.

Tucked in between rap star Sauce Kid (now known asSinzu), and Teeto Ceemos– a revered rapper amongst rap heads in Nigeria- Mo’Cheddah’s infectious charm and energy made her stand out in the music video ‘The Finest’ orchestrated by Knight House.

Mo’Cheddah who was 18 years old at the time delivered the scene stealing hook and made her presence known in the year 2009. After a slew of singles, she released her debut album ‘Franchise Celebrity’ the following year.
Strangely enough her career took a bit of a downturn afterwards. In February 2012 she left Knight House to set up her own imprintCheddah Music. Since then Mo’Cheddah has released a string singles that have reminded the public that she still sings but not enough to push her career to the front lines where the action is.
While Mo’ Cheddah is still plotting her way to the heights she reached in 2009 and 2010 she is burning hot in another sphere of entertainment. Presently Mo’Cheddah reigns supreme on the photo sharing app known as Instagram.
The pop singer doesn’t have the highest number of followers for a female celebrity on Instagram but no one slays more than her. Within the last two years or three years Mo’Cheddah has been slaying on Instagram. She has a firm understanding about the power imagery and she is using it to her advantage as she builds her music career.
With only 83 thousand followers Mo’Cheddah has established herself as the most stylish female celeb only eclipsed by the vintage Nollywood superstar actress known as Rita Dominic.
Over the years Mo’Cheddah has been able to find her style, fine tune and exploit it. Her style can best be described as chic, cool and sexy.
It’s very chic, feminine, and it is also edgy” says Diipo Ayo-Adeusi, Associate at Pulse for Fashion & Lifestyle content.
With her consistent uploads on her account, Mo’Cheddah has sort of become the go-to girl for really cool and fashionable style.
In a 2014 interview with Encomium Magazine Mo’Cheddah defined fashion as “Fashion is the mirror to a person’s soul. It’s a reflection of a person’s identity.” If so her taste in fashion reflects her edgy self.
It’s not only fashion Mo’Cheddah is serving. With Instagram as her medium she has allowed us see how she has transformed into one of the hottest female celebrities in Nigeria.
Last year she was ranked 13 in our ‘Top 20 sexiest female Nigerian celebrities’ list. In the feature Mo’Cheddah was described as “one flaming hot sexy singer. Petite, sassy and sexy, Mo’ Cheddah definitely was one of the sexiest female celebrities in Nigeria for 2015. She naturally possesses a sexy aura, and effortless swag.
Beyond the superficial Mo’ Cheddah uses Instagram to connect with her fans. After the release of her latest single ‘Survive’ a wonderful ballad produced by Cobhams Asuquo she shared videos of her fans singing the song. Mo’Cheddah also regularly shares make up tips.  
With the music industry being so competitive now, Mo’Cheddah is using her Instagram account as an edge to get back to the top.

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