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  • It’s time for Starboy Wizkid to release a hit song titled ‘Aunty Linda’-frolic media.

It’s time for Starboy Wizkid to release a hit song titled ‘Aunty Linda’-frolic media.

  • by sammy
  • 2 Years ago
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I turn on my phone, and peruse my twitter timeline, and all I see are Wizkid and Linda Ikeji. These two celebrity war horses, are at it again for the 100 time, attacking each other publicly.

For Linda Ikeji, the materially accomplished blogger, Wizkid deserves nothing but her malice. In fact, he almost owns exclusive rights to her anger. She never reports any positivity about the boy’s life, neither does she go on fact-finding missions to verify her reports. A simple Linda Ikeji report on Wizkid just needs to check a few boxes to grace her platform as news they are: If it is Wizkid, if it is negative, and if it will feed both my readers and my personal malice for the boy, then write, publish, sit back and sip on something cool. Business is good.

Wizkid and Linda Ikeji

Wizkid and Linda Ikeji

This time, she did report about the young singer being served with an eviction notice from his Lekki residence. She offered no proof of this report, neither did she call Wizkid’s camp to verify the sensitive report, or perhaps find out why he has outstanding rent fees, irrespective of his wealth as one of Africa’s top pop star.

She wrote and riled up the singer who unleashed his venom on her via social media. He called to question the personal hygiene of her genitals, his fan accused her of chronic halitosis, her alleged sexual exploits were put on display and Wizkid’s snapchat was on fire with captions and more derisory comments.

What the fans got out of this was pure entertainment. Wizkid’s comeback can be called childish, and disrespectful of feminism, but that’s a discussion for my colleague Ayomide Tayo, who believes that they should both get married.

But in replying via social media, he has failed to truly give Linda some of her medicine. Linda attacked Wizkid with the tools of her trade – blogging – and Wizkid went for her jugulars via social media. Not right.

wizkid and linda ikeji

wizkid and linda ikeji

What Wizkid ought to do is to hit the studio, get a banging beat from Sarz, and freestyle a dope song titled ‘Aunty Linda’. That would be a good, and fair way to respond.

All great and successful artistes have drawn inspiration from occurring events in their life to come up with great music. When this happens, the resultant work is deep, immersive, contagious and most likely worthy of awards. Davido, his perceived arch-rival understands this. That’s why Humblesmith’s remix of ‘Osinachi’ features a verse that deals with his babymama troubles.

Wizkid’s ‘Aunty Linda’ does not need to be cerebral. All it needs is a good chorus that goes ‘Aunty Linda, you too dey ginger, like you be Ninja.’

The rest, they say, will be history.

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