Check Out The Famous Celebs Who Declared Their Love for Naija Jollof

Naija Jollof

Nigerian jollof rice continues to smash borders, taking its place as one of the world’s top delicacies.

Yesterday, a photo of Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union dining with her Nigerian friend in a London restaurant surfaced on social media and fans were surprised to find her eating pounded yam and Egusi soup.

Did you enjoy your pounded yam? Thats the good stuff right there!!! Try jollof rice next!” One enthusiastic fan, Deyo, tweeted at her, and Ms Union quickly replied.

I shared some jollof rice as well. Soooooooo goood!!!” She replied, adding, “I Love Nigerian food!


As expected, it was yet another opportunity for Nigerians to drag their beleaguered neighbour, Ghana, into another wrestling match.

#Gabrielleunion is out in #London for #Thebirthofanationpremiere and she’s also enjoying Nigerian food! Yasssss Nigeria: 5 Ghana: -1 !!!!” One Instagram user wrote.

And another dragged a doubtful Ghana, “Stop being delusional girl…. Naija jollof is taking over… @lilsecond go ahead and hide your face in shame.”


But, is Nigerian jollof rice really earning all the global accolade?

Check out other times the delicacy made headlines.

2. Keri Hilson

keri-hilson-640x400Last May, singer Keri Hilson started a jollof war when she tweeted that she can’t wait to get to Lagos and eat jollof rice.

Man! I can’t wait to get back to to see & hear all the talent from the AirtelTraceMS competition first hand,” she tweeted, adding, ‘Oh, and jollof [rice].

Ghanaians were unhappy with the tweet and Nigerians rubbed the victory in their face. Both nations slugged it out in the friendly Twitter feud, and even ensnared Hilson into a trap: for her to decide which country prepared it the best.

Smartly, she slipped from their grip. She said:

Ok, let me settle this. I’ve had Nigerian jollof, Ghanaian jollof and Akon let me try a Senegalese version…And quiet honestly, they are all good to me. Just different!

Nigerians refused the diplomatic statement; Nigerian jollof started the debate; Nigerian jollof won.

3. Mark Zuckerberg

mark-zuckerbergDuring his unprecedented visit to Nigeria, Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg, had the honour of trying out the meal and he confessed much later, in a recorded video, that it was ‘delicious’.

The Jollof rice was delicious, delicious!,” the FB boss said, but then, added that he was advised not to make comparisons with Ghanaian version.

Well, he didn’t visit Ghana and there isn’t any video where he proclaimed the goodness of theirs.

Other acts who have gushed about the Nigerian version of the delicacy include Nigerian-American rapper, Jidenna, and Nigerian-British actor, John Boyega.




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