London Tailor Returns from United Kingdom With New Movie, IDAPADA

His sojourn into the movie industry started about 20 years ago. Precisely 10 years ago, he took the call professionally and he has been able to carve a niche for himself.

Taiwo Olanrewaju Jimoh is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the Nigerian movie industry. Though a Nurse in far away United Kingdom, his undaunted love for  movies has made him return to the country with a new Yoruba movie titled IDAPADA.


What brought about the movie IDAPADA?

To start with, my name is Taiwo Olanrewaju Jimoh popularly known as London Tailor. It’s an interesting movie about a young man who lives abroad but always had a dream of being repatriated back to his country! It’s an awesome story that every home must have! We have a lot of popular faces in Idapada.

The name London Tailor, how did you come about it?

It’s a great name people call me in the United Kingdom where I reside. Many do ask me if I am into fashion designing but no! I got the name in a play I did some time back. It’s all about bringing myself very close to the masses and putting smiles on their faces through what I know best.

Your career, when and how did it start?

It has been a long time approximately 20 years ago, but I took it up professionally over a decade now. Since then; I have been doing what I know best, communicating what is going around me to the masses through my talent. I have great people around me that have made the dream a reality. One of such people is Odun Oloto, he has been a good friend and a confidante.

Did you get trained under him?

Can I say I got trained under him, no! I have always been an executive producer but with his help and advice on how things are done better, I have been able to merge what I have with how it works in the industry and today it’s a success story.

Have you featured in any Nigerian movie?

Oh yes! Odun Oloto was the one that took me to a location, he made me take a role which I initially thought I might not be able to interpret well, but to my amazement, I did well. The movie’s title was Eje Eleje.

How many movies do you have to your name?

I have over 10 movies I have done, but all my movies are skit, they are five to 10 minutes drama. They are all on internet; you could find them on YouTube and other social media.

Why did you choose that avenue; why not the old ways of producing and making it available via marketers at Idumota?

I am not a Nigerian based actor, I reside in United Kingdom and the issue of piracy and the bureaucracy that goes with selling one’s movie to Idumota marketers are things I wasn’t familiar with so I chose internet as a starting point.

Having your skit on internet how lucrative has the avenue being?

For real, I haven’t been making money on the short movies I put on internet, what I have gained so far is the publicity and accolades I get from fans from close and far every day.

Your short movies, how many cast do you have on it?

At times 5 cast or more, maximum 8 people with popular faces. The last one I did has some popular faces like Taiwo Aromokun, another lady in London, Bola Ara; Lizy Ige and others. The movies are always short but meaningful. They are basically on contemporary issues that could benefit and salvage the society.

Do you have any intention of coming to Nigeria to produce a movie that will go round every home?

Exactly! That is why I am home. Idapada would be my first movie and I have the intention to do more with great standard. I am here to make a difference. I want to give my fans great value for their money with quality propagation of our cultural values.

How many Nigerian movies have you acted in?

I have couple of them; Eje-eleje; Oku Igbe , Oore kan; Eluku Gbewiri; Ajadi Kolapo and many others that I can’t recollect now.

Idapada, what makes it different from what we have been seeing around?

It’s a movie with a class. Having travelled far and wide, I believe putting this together will project a lot about our cultural belief and many others that has to do with human endeavours.

Who are the cast of Idapada?

Amongst them are Ayo Adesanya, Rasak Owokoniran; Alhaji Ade Aderenle, Lara Picollo and many others.

What other things do you do besides acting?

Professionally, I am a nurse! I also present programs on internet, educative program with core Africa values!


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