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‘Celebrating Our Cultural Values Made Me Accomplished’ – OBLAC of Africa

For his immense contribution in promoting African culture in Nigeria and in the Diaspora, Otunba Babajide Oladipupo a.k.a OBLAC has been given series of awards recently as Custodian and dedicated promoter of African culture.
His quest to make African culture relevant amongst those in the Diaspora has made him distinct amongst his peers. Otunba Babajide; a Nigerian, based in Dallas, Texas in United State of America bare it all on why he has chosen the path of promoting African culture the gain and pains so far. Excerpt

How it all started…

I am a promoter of Art and culture. I am the founder of Global Yoruba Cultural Exchange Festival. Also I am the MD/ CEO of Impeccable First Eye Concept which is now impeccable African Image Entertainment. What we do is promoting Africa entertainment. The music, the artistes and showcasing the beautiful art and culture our people are blessed with.
For the record I am Otunba Babajide Oladipupo, I am the Afidipotemole of DALLAS Texas. I was born and raised in Lagos state and Oyo state in Nigeria
I attended my Primary and Secondary school including my university education all in Nigeria.

 The Journey so far…

We have recorded good number of years being at the fore-front promoting our cultural heritage. To our name we have been celebrating Annual Yoruba cultural exchange festival since I created the cultural exchange festival in Dallas Texas. As a musical promoter of Impeccable African Image Entertainment, we have signed couple of upcoming artist both home and abroad and getting them ready for the next season.
We promote any musician that has genuine talent and spice his or her music up with a deep message of the beauty of African Cultural heritage.

Our next move this year

Soon I shall be in Africa for Yoruba Cultural Exchange in Ghana. This year’s edition will come soon. Also, 2017 Ikorodu Oga Yoruba Cultural Exchange will come up in Lagos, Nigeria at Ikorodu town hall. The event is being packaged by Impeccable African Image Concept in conjunction with Green and White production. The theme of the great event is ‘The Display of African Culture through Yoruba cultural exchange festival.”  These and many more are what we have lined up for the year.
We thank God that our real motive to rejuvenate African Cultural values and inculcate it into the global entertainment for the benefit of the upcoming generation is now a reality. The series of awards given to us for our consistency on the project has really kept us on. We were given Achievement award basically on our exemplary dedication towards African culture by a group in Lagos Nigeria. Also another beautiful one named Custodian of African culture this was given to us by a versatile talking drum artiste, Ayangbajumo Group. With this, we believe it is feedback from people on what we are doing and it has really kept us going and aiming higher by the day. We believe this are the gains, celebrating ourselves and appreciating the great things our Creator has bestowed on us. Meanwhile, the pain is any black man who detests his\her cultural value abuses the memories of our progenitors.
At our annual Yoruba Cultural Exchange festival, we energize our artists with creativity award, plus recognized any creativity talent of African Culture across the globe.
Impeccable African Image Concept  has honoured good numbers of Nigeria Actors, Actresses,  musician and Royal father’s with our yearly award of custodian of African Culture.
We don’t just stop at the entertainment world, we also enlarge our coast towards creativity because we cherish and embrace all talents. Another beautiful idea we have to our name is our yearly magazine with the name Kakaki magazine. It has really helped us to showcase most of our cultural exchange festival and Entertainment promotion.

Our core value…

Our cultural value comes first in whatever we do. Entertainment generally is another cogent project we value a lot, especially the very good one that depicts our cultural heritage. I believe a good music is any music that has good cultural vibe and send forth messages, most especially in promoting and developing African Culture.
The cultural exchange concept is meant to send forth the beauty of African Culture to the new generation and the whole world at large.

Our projection in years to come…

Our projection is to see all Africans both home and abroad unite through cultural exchange festival and Entertainment. With this; we shall together rejuvenate the beauty of African Culture. I also project that the future of the African entertainment will be brighter if we can inculcate the value of our culture into our entertainment industry and create a support base for upcoming artistes that are blessed with great talent.
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  1. Nice work my brother, may d lord continue to bless you.i
    Love culture African exchange.

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