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2 Face Recorded New Song ‘Holy Holy’ to Diss Me; He Should Be in Jail – Black Face

2face and blackface

The bad blood between 2 baba and former band mate, Blackface, might just be getting deeper as Blackface has once again accused 2baba, of dissing him in his latest single, titled ‘Holy Holy’.

In the lengthy Instagram post on Thursday afternoon, Blackface, real name Ahmedu Obiabo, claimed that he was behind 2baba’s stardom. He also accused 2baba of being behind his stalled career because he allegedly asked promoters not to book him  for shows for the past 8 years.

He said, “Now for the record 2face if I didn’t work with you in Plantashun Boiz and asked you to sing one of the quickest song I ever I wrote, African Queen, you wouldn’t have had a big hit as it is termed. Next to that is my song Let Somebody Love You which you sang without my permission and your manager Efe Omoregie published it illegally which we will get to the bottom of.”

Blackface also alleged that of all the artistes he had ever worked with 2face gave him the most issues.

“This is because you’re a lazy artist despite all your gifts and when you found out I was making new artistes famous and I was improving vocally you got jealous and planned the industry to sabotage me and you kept making music about it like one of your lines said “dem never know wetin wan hit dem them” wan follow them” because you and your creepy agents planned it all”

He added that 2face sang a lot about him in his songs and that contrary to public opinion, 2face is the one filled with hate and envy and is aware of this fact.

“That is why I named you 2face OK. What’s the name of that club you guys had the meeting again? You killed Plantashun Boiz because of your 2face nature and same way you wanted doing a protest for your pocket and it was wrong timing.

“I saved you cause you for dey for jail but you never grateful but pained over someone growing and development hence una plan make dem no gimme show…well 8years of sabotage and am still here and am still inspiring you and for that even if you hate me you should still be thankful to me still,” Blackface said.


Blackface is best known as co-writer of “African Queen” with 2face, a song made famous by the latter after it appeared on his debut solo album Face 2 Face in 2004 to become an international hit.

Blackface was a founding member of the Nigerian band Plantashun Boiz formed in 2000 with 2face and Faze.

The Plantashun Boiz released two successful albums, Body and Soul in 2000 and Sold Out in 2003. The band broke up in 2004, to be briefly reunited in 2007 for just one more album Plan B.

Although he kept sustainable relations with Faze, his rift with 2face deepened, particularly over the rights to the song ‘African Queen.’

After the Plantashun Boiz split up in 2004, Blackface led a solo musical career. He released the hip-hop album Ghetto Child in May 2004 collaborating with a number of artists. The album contains “Hard Life” featuring Alabai as the first single. He also recorded a full album for his crew D Tribunal called What We Are.

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