3 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

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Hello People!!
How are you all doing?! It has been a long while and I apologise for going completely under the radar. The last couple of weeks have been very eye opening as regards my knowledge of relationships and men in general. There have been ups, downs, loads of smiles and very few tears. In all I have realised that many women do not know some basic truths about men that they should know.
Without taking too much of your time, here are 5 things every woman should know about men.

1. Men do not set out to hurt to you intentionally
I can imagine a lot of women already hating on me as they read this. Look, lets be real with each other, there are a few douche don’t give a damn and will hurt anyone  to get whatever they want. 
I’m not referring to those types however numerous they may be. Also, bear in mind that those are just boys. I am talking about men. Grown, mature, high value men. See this men never set out to hurt women. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t work out and sparks don’t fly as they should. 
Men look for true, body quaking love just like us women do and they often seek for the highest value partner who can give them this things. Unfortunately, us women make some serious mistakes that make us appear low value in a man’s eye and he then he is pressured to move on and continue his search for this ultimate high value woman, leaving us hurt in the process.
If we really examine thing properly, we will hold no grudges knowing that if the tables were turned we would have done the same. Take note that I didn’t say, you shouldn’t feel hurt. What I said was don’t hold grudges. All you need to do when this happens is to keep learning and evolving into the highest value woman possible.
2. When a man likes you, you will know
So, one of the most consistent questions I hear  women ask is “does he like me?” See, when he likes you, you will know it. It will be so obvious, you will need know one to tell you even if he doesn’t tell you at first. One thing women around the world need to know is that men are a lot more straight forward than we are. 
They hardly ever beat around the bush and will aways tell you where they stand either by words or actions. The problem is most times they do this through their actions rather than words. Unfortunately, many women have trained themselves to neglect the signs and keep pushing for something that will never happen believing that he either “doesn’t know how to express himself” or “doesn’t know what he wants just yet”.
Stop it! When a man truly likes you he would show it. He will stare like his life depended on it no matter how hard he tries not to. He will make plans to be with you. He will glow like freshly baked bread every time you say his name. he will show you off to all his friends and family members over and over again. He. Will. be. incapable. of. hiding. it.
Forget all these Mexican soap nonsense where a guy is in love with a woman but hides it so carefully from her because it is the “noble” thing to do. And she has no clue bla bla bla. Those people are called actors for a reason. In the real world, he will sing it from the roof top and damn the consequences. Men are that straightforward!
3. A man will commit with all his heart when you’re worth it
“Men are commitment phobes!” If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that declaration before. Many failed relationship experts have drummed this into the skull of every woman willing to listen. “don’t push too hard or else he’ll run away.. after all you know men hate commitment bla bla” Yet haven’t we heard of men who propose to a woman just 6 months after meeting her? Haven’t we all heard of that man that goes extra extra out of his way to make his woman happy.  
I haven’t only heard but I have also experienced it. Before my current relationship, I was a mess! A huge one! I was a selfish low value woman who wanted the best of men as a partner. of course I didn’t get the best then. Instead I attracted a string of low value men who treated me exactly how I showed them to.
It wasn’t until after I took several steps back and started to build myself to be high Value that I started attracting good men. I continued to develop myself in every way I could until I had finally attained the goal I was working towards. From then in less than 3 weeks I met the man of my dreams who treats me like a queen!
Stop all the pity parties you have been throwing and start working actively to build yourself and become the ultimate feminine woman any man in his right sense will want to have…
I stop here today. I will continue with the last two steps next week. Till then, ponder on the points above and make active ways to move your love life forward on these insight on how men think.
Love always,
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