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Dbanj yet to pay producer [P-Loops] for ‘Emergency’ single

D'banj and P-Loops met on February 22, 2016.
D’banj is yet to pay the producer of his trending single ‘Emergency’.
The singer is currently enjoying a moment in the sun after his 2016 debut single ‘Emergency’ has received great reception.
The song was produced by P-Loops, and the recently released video was shot by Unlimited L.A, on location in Lagos. But at the time of this report, P-Loops is yet to receive compensation.
“I just wanted to make something that was Afro, full-time Afro Pop. I wanted to sound like the old school Fela kind of thing. It was coming in my head, and it kept on ringing, and I knew it was what I wanted to do.” P-Loops told Pulse in a phone conversation.
Olu Maintain listened to the beat, and took it to D’banj. The beat originally was for Olu Maintain, but while on the Koko Tour stop in Owerri, Imo State (which is coincidentally the home town of the producer), he played it to D’banj who loved it and voiced a new song on it.
For P-Loops that was the end of the beat until January 2016 when he heard the song like any other person. He instantly recognized his beat. No credit was given to the producer, even his vocal signature on the instrumental had been erased.
“I was in shock when I heard the next morning that the song was out. I didn’t record with D’banj, I think Olu sent the beat to him, and he recorded. There was no credit at all, no credit on the promo copy, there was no credit online, no credit whatsoever.
“I did try to talk to them, I talked to Olu Maintain in my office. My trademark was removed. The original beat had my trademark. I talked to them about it, and we were going to have a brief meeting about it, but till now, there has been no credit…It was KC Graphics, his graphic designer who gave me his contact.”
D'banj and P-Loops met on February 22, 2016.play 

D’banj has only just met the producer of his latest single ‘Emergency’ for the first time.

In a video published by the Net News TV yesterday February 22, D’banj can be seen embracing the producer called P Loops.
The singer also known as Banga lee said he had never met P Loops.
Everywhere I go, people ask me: that song, who produced the song, I never meet the guy before, he just sent beat to me.
“In fact he sent the beat to me through Olu Maintain”, he said in the video clip.
D’banj first debut the track with a praised performance at the Glo Confederation of African Football Awards 2015 on January 7, 2015. Following this he released the song online. 
On February 16,  he released the music video for the afrobeat influenced track. In the video, the Koko master can be seen channelling the afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti in his performance.
Watch his first meeting with P Loops in the video below:

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