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Tonto Dikeh explains how she found ‘Mr. Right’


Tonto Dikeh will be usually be your average girl if you are looking for some controversies.
You can name your pick from the Instagram or Twitter rants, her controversial song or her love for smoking, of which there was a time she puffed a cigarette in Van Vicker’s face on a movie set.

Now it seems the responsibility of being married and a mother has changed her from the wild sort to a rather simple and nature loving.
She shared some comments concerning how this came to be in her recent Instagram post. It is always Instagram right?
In her post she wrote, “A lot of you email, text,  Dm,call and send comments to me to explain how I turned my life Around and became so happy and fulfilled and have a man to call my Own.. ,”
“Some ask how I got so LUCKY to marry such an incredible man and Live such a blessed life now.. Well the truth is I INVESTED MY TIME IN PRAYER TO GOD ON WHAT I REALLY WANTED..,”
“Join me in this beautiful Prayer Project, and I promise your Love life will never remain the same Again..,”
“If you have a spouse at the end of this project you can wrap your project book up and give it to them as a gift. HAPPY NEW MONTH DARLINGS”.
The actress also attributed her success in quitting smoking down to the prayers of Prophet T.B. Joshua while speaking onEmmanuel TV.
Here is an advice, if you have a wild lady at home or the office, help find her a ‘Mr. Right’ will you?
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