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Must See: Nigerian Artist’s paintings that might beat the Monalisa Painting

Yesterday, the internet was agog about an artist whose work people said beat the divine Monalisa paintings. Reluctantly, I looked the guy up on facebook and I was blown out. I must confess that I’m not so much of an art lover but these got me.

The Artist – Olumide Oresegun

The Painter, Oresegun Olumide studied painting at Yabatech and graduated some years ago and has since then transformed into a world class artist. We should be proud of the likes of Olumide and I’m so happy that despite all the hardship in the country, achievements of people like this put smile on our faces and give us hope.

I noticed on guy’s comment on one of Olumide’s painting highlighting how difficult it is to achieve these sort of paintings and that he himself has tried but keeps getting discouraged because of the rigour. Now, Olumide’s painting (as said by the guy commenting) has given him hope to try harder to achieve his dream. That is what I call motivation and it is high time we all take a cue from hardworking young men like these.

Okay, now, I’ve said too much. See the paintings below (trust me, they are not photos but paintings).

532909_10206832163824050_4809672364624504253_n12347756_10208112999444140_4282399540622034500_n 12376171_10208149792963955_5532513039597728060_n12347756_10208112999444140_4282399540622034500_n (1) 12805818_10208667852355116_7038532846730634897_n (1) 11140062_10206790104532594_5053353519858592490_n 12508910_10208366804669112_195624445026997515_n

See More Paintings Here

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