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LeBron James’ pen*s breaks the internet, AGAIN; fans react

Yesterday, basketball champ LeBron James was spotted walking down the streets of Beverly Hills holding a cup of coffee. But that’s not all people noticed about the sportsman; keen eyes noticed the bulge on his crotch – the dick print which was so visible, prompting conversations about James’ penis AGAIN!

Recall that last June, during the match between his Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, ABC cameras zoomed a little too close for comfort as the basketballer adjusted his shorts, and then captured, on live camera, the glimpse of his penis. You can read all about that uproar here.
Now, folks who already have ‘seen’ what James looks like, are up again talking about his genitals. SMH.
See the new photo:

The comments are so offensive, borderline ridiculous. Can someone just shut down the internet already? LOL.
Put on some damn underwear, LeBron!
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