Mark Wahlberg & The Rock sued for $200 Million

Although, Ballers has become a successful hit on HBO, it’s currently causing a legal battle for Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

E! News reports Everette Silas and Sherri Littleton are suing the Hollywood duo for $200 million dollars for allegedly ripping off their idea.
In a document obtained by E! the pair claim they created the show called ‘Off Season‘ in 2007 and came to Wahlberg and Johnson with the idea in 2008. However, after being refused “created by” credit, the show ended up falling apart in 2009.
Silas and Littleton are now alleging that Wahlberg and Johnson used their copy without owning the rights to it, claiming 27 similarities between their idea and Ballers.
The documents state, “Ballers borrows heavily from the Materials and that certain aesthetic elements, including, without limitation, physical appearance of the characters and their vehicles, and plots, scenes, as well as story lines are virtually identical” to that of their Off Season show.
They claim the plot of the two shows is essentially the same: surrounding an African American football player who becomes a businessman and mentors other athletes in Miami, living lavish lifestyles surrounded by “expensive boats, exotic cars, heavy drug use, and pretty women.”
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